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Why follow-up is important

A good job satisfaction survey stands or falls with the follow-up on the survey. Measuring job satisfaction within the company is a first good step in the direction of improving the employee satisfaction within the company, if, however, no follow-up is taken on a survey, improvement will stay away and eventually even a drop in employee satisfaction might be the result.

How this can happen? Measuring employee satisfaction of the employees of the organization leads to a certain expectation about the follow-up on a study. Employees believe that, when conducting a job satisfaction survey, points for improvements carried out in a study are being used to formulate a plan for improvement and that this plan will lead to improvements in these fields of attention. If not at least the impression is there that this plan is being created, then the improvement of job satisfaction will not be there and eventually a decrease in job satisfaction might be the result.

That’s why it is important that the organization, after conducting a survey, communicates about a plan for improvement. The actions in this plan don’t have to be directly put into effect. Some of those actions might take years to lead to some kind of improvement. However, it’s crucial to communicate about these actions for improvement. Make sure that a survey doesn’t become one-way traffic.

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