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Quantitative research: using better results

An employee satisfaction survey provides results, whereby insights are formed that influence the company and its employees. The survey not only measures the employee satisfaction, but it can also initiate a process of improvement within the company. However, it is important to properly use the results from a quantitative study.

Is employee satisfaction measurable?

The answer is: yes, employee satisfaction is certainly measureable. Through employee satisfaction research and surveys, you get an insight into the satisfaction of your employees. Performing a quantitative research contributes to the understanding of what is happening in the workplace. Most surveys are completely anonymous, allowing employees to give honest and unforced answers to questions.

When do employees perform?

Employees perform if they have the skills to carry out their work. In addition, they must also be in possession of the necessary knowledge, dexterity and motivation. For managers it is important to form a small community, whereby solidarity and commitment prevail. This is an effective way to improve performance in the workplace.

Using better results

Quantitative research is the first step in the improvement process within your company. The success of a business is, to a large extent, dependent on the staff. The effective management of employees, which is possible after research, provides better business results. With an employee satisfaction survey, you gain insight into the opinions, expectations and judgements of colleagues. The results of the study show what is important to employees. Such research is an ideal way for staff to express discontent and to indicate where they may have some concerns. How do you integrate the best results in the workplace?

  1. Place the focus on collaboration: a team will perform better if the team members encourage and brainstorm with each other.
  2. Improve your organization: make use of a system, such as the Jobber dashboard, whereby managers can see, at a glance, what are the goals and challenges of its employees. Also make sure that the communication within the company runs smoothly.
  3. Make a plan: carry out short discussions with your staff about gained profits and difficulties and then follow with a plan.
  4. Constructive ideas: it is important that feedback, both positive and negative, is given to your employee from time to time. In this way, you are involved in the work of your employees and you will be appreciated for this.

Measuring is knowing

Employee satisfaction says something about how well the atmosphere, processes and activities of a company meet an employee’s expectations. Customer satisfaction measurement happens in the same way. Through surveys, phone calls and customer satisfaction reviews, customer satisfaction can be measured and conclusions can be made about your business. A company should actually exceed the expectations of both a customer and an employee.