Why Jobber?

Jobber is user-friendly, orderly and can be completely customised for your organisation. The many features allow for employee surveys to be conducted quickly and efficiently. An employee satisfaction survey is like an improvement plan: you can take actions immediately after receiving the feedback. We also believe in the possibility to switch between providers. When you choose Jobber, you won’t be tied to anything: our subscriptions are not automatically renewed, and have a maximum length of just one year. By purchasing our questionnaires, you won’t be tied down. This stimulates us and makes sure that we do our ultimate best to excel and to remain the number one at what we do: applying surveys and displaying results clearly.

Not tied to anything

You are completely free: Jobber has no multi-year contracts and does not exclusively work with the questionnaires provided by Malvee.

No consultants

Advice and measurements are separate features. Just measuring? Need some supplementary advice? Hire the specialist you need.

Modern lay-out

Interpreting data correctly is a difficult task. Make use of the latest state-of-the-art techniques to easily read your survey results.


No training or manual is required, as Jobber is a user-friendly application which can be easily used. Do you have any questions? No problem: a personal contact person at Malvee is always at your disposal.

Our clients

“Although Jobber is very easy to use and basically explains itself, Malvee is always there to help.”

Measure yourself or use Jobber?

Conducting an employee satisfaction survey: should you do it yourself or let Jobber do it for you?

Read all about the ins and outs, and then make your choice.

What to measure: MTO or employee engagement?

What do you want to measure? Jobber provides convenient tools for the measurement of the satisfaction and the engagement of your employees.

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