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Measure employee engagement

How engaged are employees with their job?

The Utrecht Work Engagement Scale created by Wilmar B. Schaufeli is used in order to measure the engagement levels of the employees. Survey questions focus on 4 indicators, from which the engagement of the employees can be measured. How engaged are the employees with their job and how far are they willing to go to ensure the success of their work? It also indicates which employees work with greater passion and are more effective, efficient and customer-oriented. Engaged employees are more willing to take extra steps, and are to a great extent responsible for the success of an organization.

Comparing the results of groups

In Jobber, the results from the employee survey are displayed with the use of 4 indicators on a real time dashboard. In this way, comparing the indicators becomes easy and efficient and reviewing the results can also be performed by group.

Employee engagement

The employee engagement indicator is one of the general factors used to measure employee engagement. Examples of the questions focus on how engaged the employees are with their job.


This indicator is measured with questions which focus on how content employees are with the work they have to perform. To which extent does their work thrill them, and to what extent do they forget about other issues while working? Absorption also measures the extent to which employees concentrate at their job and whether their job affects them positively.


Is the job inspiring and do the employees think their work is useful? Dedication measures the extent to which employees are engaged with their job and whether they work with a feeling of significance, enthusiasm, inspiration and pride, as well as evaluating if their job is challenging enough.


The vigor indicator is used in order to measure the energy level of employees. Does an employee have enough perseverance to complete their job and how much resilience is needed to perform their work? A high level of energy is a distinctive quality of vigor, as well as having mental resilience and the level to which someone is willing to invest in their job, and their willingness to persevere when times are tough.

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