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Tailor-made measurements: MTO versus customer engagement

Customer satisfaction and customer engagement are terms which are often used interchangeably. Both are incredibly convenient terms when evaluating how the employees of your organisation feel. However, our surveys measure some completely different features, and a clear distinction can be made between both of them. Would you simply like to know how satisfied your employees are; or do you want to take it a step further and check how far your employees are willing to go to ensure success.

You can continuously measure your employees’ satisfaction, or measure this at determined intervals with Malvee. For example, you can evaluate between 2 and 25 percent of the employees in your organisation. This will enable you to gain a continuous insight into the satisfaction of your organisation’s employees. Also, by making use of the intervals, you could evaluate every employee once a year, or measure half of your employees twice a year. In this way, you can immediately see what kind of influence a change in your organisation has had on your employees.

Measuring satisfaction

Conducting a satisfaction survey will enable you to see what is happening in your organisation. Are your employees satisfied with how things are going? How have they experienced a certain project, and what do they think of their working environment. Satisfied employees are essential for a successful organisation. Also, employees tend to work longer at one organisation when they are satisfied, and a content employee is more willing to work harder and to want to achieve certain goals. Research shows that organisations with a high level of employee satisfaction also have high levels of customer satisfaction, are more successful in minimising the turnover and experience fewer accidents.

Measuring engagement

Measuring the engagement level of your employees will allow you to determine how engaged your employees are with their work. An employee engagement survey essentially goes a stage further than a satisfaction survey. An engaged employee is one who is willing to take extra steps for your organisation. To which extent do your employees contribute to a strong brand image, or the positioning of your organisation? Studies reveal that organisations with a high level of engagement are more productive than companies where employees have lower engagement levels.