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Proceed easily with an example satisfaction survey

Every company or organization endeavors to have a constant optimal functioning of their activities. Timely and on a regular basis measuring of the satisfaction and enthusiasm of your employees thereby is essential. In the Netherlands we are familiar with the term employee satisfaction survey for quite some time now and obviously it is indispensable to any company or organization. Has it not yet been executed then the time is more than ever right for you to make contact with Malvee. Malvee is the expert of the Netherlands in developing the most supreme user friendly web applications for the sake of thorough analyses and speedy results for efficient and effective improvements. Jobber is one of such web applications of Malvee designed especially for the employee satisfaction survey. Malvee offers Jobber with an example satisfaction survey. It is an additional service provided by Malvee which implies that the customer receives a filled in interface. The employees to be surveyed are filled in, keeping in mind the structure of the company or organization.

Honest employee survey? Employees anonymous!

Apart from being user friendly, of which the example employees survey is supplied as an added service, Jobber is designed to execute a reliable satisfaction survey. Employees involved in the survey do not have to mention their names for the purpose of:

  • an honest research;
  • a transparent research;
  • correct results;
  • possible points of discussion.

Anonymity ensures employees answering questions of the questionnaire(s) sincerely. The advantage is that you are guaranteed of honest and valuable results by which actually a sound improvement plan can be set up. Transparency also forms the basis of the design of Jobber. You have the option of granting your employees full access to their part of the survey and that of co-workers of the satisfaction survey. Employees are able to see positive aspects and negative scores which require improvement. Furthermore, Jobber not only offers the execution of a satisfaction survey. Employees have the opportunity to really give their opinion regarding problems also without mentioning their names. This option makes issues discussable whereby everyone taking part in the survey is able to have his or her voice heard. Everybody contributes by looking together at the bottlenecks and how to properly solve them. With Jobbers satisfaction survey, employees included!

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