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Measuring your employees’ satisfaction: should you do it yourself or use Jobber?

Are new projects being launched, is a major project recently finished or do you just want to know the opinions of your employees? An employee satisfaction survey is the ideal tool to quickly and efficiently measure how content the employees in your company are. And what about your employees’ engagement with their work? Are they willing to take extra steps, and to what extent are your employees engaged with your organisation? Measuring employee satisfaction and engagement can be done with an online survey tool. The right survey software will provide you with a convenient display of the results and will allow you to directly take action when necessary. Conducting an employee survey can be a challenging task. Therefore, should you do it yourself, or should you choose Jobber?


Doing it yourself

Many companies choose to conduct their first employee satisfaction and employee engagement survey themselves. A standard questionnaire is used, and the employer is provided with many results. But what’s next? Interpreting and understanding this data is a difficult task, and you most probably do not know what to do with all these results. Usually, the result is that this survey is never looked at again. However, you can learn to understand these employee satisfaction surveys yourself with just a little bit of help.

A helping hand

Jobber is specially designed to measure the satisfaction and engagement of your employees. A clear and well-structured dashboard will display the results which you have obtained with the use of the surveys. Also, the fact that the surveys can be filled in quickly and efficiently ensures that employees will always finish the questionnaire, either digitally or as a hard copy.

An immediate solution

The KPIs efficiently display possible bottlenecks, while additional discussion groups ensure that problems are directly reported and discussed. The process is convenient, quick and user-friendly. Many surveys, such as Monkey Survey, are not anonymous so there is a greater possibility that employees will only provide you with politically correct answers, since their results will be visible. However, Jobber is completely anonymous and guarantees that it will always be impossible to trace the results back to a certain individual.

Choose Jobber

Jobber is specifically designed to clearly display the results of an employee satisfaction survey. Many survey tools do not include results by individual departments, especially when you want measurements more often. However, Jobber does provide this service.

Choose Jobber

If you still experience problems and could use some help, then the possibility of having a personal contact person from Malvee is the right solution. Our 24/7 service will assure you that an employee satisfaction survey by Jobber is always easier than doing it yourself!

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