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Measure general employee satisfaction

How satisfied are employees with their job?

The General Job Satisfaction Survey is one of the questionnaires used most often by Dutch organizations to measure how satisfied employees are with their job. The results are gathered into groups and can be easily compared with the help of this questionnaire. Survey questions focus on certain aspects of the job which are rewarding to the employees. Furthermore, the aspects of the job which could lead to their becoming discontent are measured. To a great extent, the level of the employees’ satisfaction is what determines their productivity.

Time to compare!

Jobber can offer insights into the results of the satisfaction survey through a well-structured dashboard. 10 indicators are used to measure the satisfaction level of the employees. These indicators can be easily compared, and can also be categorized into various groups.

Job satisfaction

This is a general indicator for measuring the satisfaction of employees. It asks how content, in general, are the employees of an organization?


This indicator measures the extent to which the employees can rely on the care of their direct colleagues, in terms of their knowledge and their professionalism. Is a good balance maintained between the work of colleagues and the work of their direct coworkers, and how satisfied are they that mutual commitments are being kept? Who is held responsible for negative behavior, and how satisfied are the employees with collaborations within and between departments?


Is the organization transparent, quality-conscious and is the work atmosphere comfortable for the employees? The culture indicator measures the extent to which formal activities are provided, and whether the employees are satisfied with the way in which the company provides information. Are the employees proud of their company, and are they also willing to continue working there in the coming years?

Direct supervisor

To what extent do the employees feel that their direct supervisor treats them with respect, inspires and motivates their team, and makes it clear what is expected from them? Do the supervisors function properly, do the employees trust the decisions they make, and are they convinced of the supervisors’ expertise and skills? Several survey questions are asked which focus on the employees’ supervisors.

Job contents

Do the employees desire to work on new things, how great is their variety of tasks, and how much space is there for making own decisions? The job contents indicator focuses on the engagement of employees with their job, and whether they feel that their competencies are sufficiently utilized. It also measures the extent to which the employees feel that their job contributes to the success of the entire organization.

Management of the organization

This indicator measures the degree to which employees feel that the management is approachable, to what extent they display power and if they have confidence in their workplace management. It also looks at whether the divisions between tasks and responsibilities within the organization are clear?

Social security

To what extent do the employees feel that they are treated with respect by their colleagues and supervisors? Sexual intimidation, harassment and the level of respect received from customers are included in the survey questions. This indicator also looks at whether the employees have ever felt unsafe, how they deal with emotionally charged situations, and if they have ever experienced verbal or non-verbal aggression?

Working conditions, environment & workload

The working conditions indicator focuses on, amongst other things, the employees’ salary, their training and study opportunities, and their secondary employment conditions. The environment plays an important role in employee satisfaction. The indicator therefore measures how satisfied the employees are with the facilities in and around the building, and whether any physical complaints have been experienced. In order to measure the workload, it is essential to measure how mentally, emotionally and physically demanding a job is, if the deadlines can be met, and if there is a balance between work and private life.

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