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User-friendly & quick access

Easy to use with a quick login

Usually, business software is not user-friendly and does not offer a convenient interface. Jobber has both of these features. Jobber offers a user-friendly and accessible platform where you can see your survey results quickly. New measurements are displayed directly to give you the opportunity to immediately compare results. Malvee also offers an extra service by providing you with a completed interface. We will import the employee information that you want to measure and will make sure that your organisation’s structure is filled in correctly.

Safety was a matter of great importance in the development of Jobber, for your employees as well as for your entire organisation. Employees know that their anonymity is guaranteed, which results in them submitting fewer politically correct answers. Furthermore, the results of the measurements cannot be seen for groups with fewer than 5 completed questionnaires.

Quick access

Forgetting your password is history. Jobber does not make use of a fixed password, but instead ensures a safe login process. You can enter your e-mail address, employee number or phone number and you will receive an e-mail with a link to where you can login. It’s all safe and sound.

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