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Real-time dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard with the results of your survey

Conducting an employee survey can be done by means of an employee satisfaction survey or an employee engagement survey. Jobber is Malvee’s total package which enables your employees to easily complete an online survey or a hard copy survey. The results of your measurements are then displayed with the use of a clearly structured and real-time dashboard. Jobber uses clear KPIs, which consist of several questions. Every KPI is then displayed on a 10 point scale, which will make it easy for you to compare the results. Possible bottlenecks and how many employees have answered the questions positively can be seen at a glance.


Customised dashboard possibilities

Not everyone is allowed access to the entire dashboard. Jobber offers customised dashboards which can be tailor-made for your organisation. In this way you can adjust how the dashboard looks for each employee, and you can decide to what extent the employees can see the results of their co-workers. at the result is your own choice of accessibility.

Dashboards for employees

A higher response rate and more engagement can be created by involving the employees in the employee satisfaction survey and its results. This can be achieved by offering every employee their own dashboard, in which not only their own results are displayed, but possibly also the results of their own department or of the entire organisation.

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