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Improve together

Suggesting improvements with Jobber Discuss

An online survey can appear to be an easy process and, usually, this is the case. However, there is always the possibility that your employees will want to suggest improvements which were not mentioned in the survey. Or perhaps they would like to discuss the questions. In order to give your employees a chance to provide remarks and suggestions, Jobber now offers a special discussion platform that focuses on workplace improvements.

Improvement platform

An open question at the end of a survey is the ideal way to give your employees the opportunity to suggest improvements, but it also takes a lot of time to read and evaluate these responses. With the use of Jobber Discuss, employees can suggest improvements themselves and, for example, can indicate whether they agree or disagree with certain points. In a discussion, they can also indicate how certain things should be improved. Another advantage is that this can all be done anonymously. Employees can anonymously suggest improvements, and subsequently can receive anonymous responses.

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