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Group discussions

Group discussions in Jobber Discuss

With the use of Jobber Discuss, the employees of your organisation can discuss improvements as a group. You can invite the employees who have completed the survey to take part, at which time improvements can be suggested. In this way, every employee can have the chance to suggest ideas. Improvements can also be tailor-made for your organisation, and this can be done on a company level as well as by department. In this way, you can easily and conveniently use several different groups to see which improvements can be applied.

Some points may be applicable for the entire organisation, while it is also possible that certain improvements will only be applicable to a certain department within your company. Therefore, you can also open a platform for a specific department with the use of Jobber Discuss, so that the improvement comments can only be seen by the department itself.

Succesfully guiding a discussion

People can sometimes engage in a discussion quite enthusiastically. You can therefore assign moderators in order to prevent the discussion from getting out of hand or diverging too much from the actual subject. You can assign selected employees as moderators yourself whenever the platform is used, and in this way, solving problems will become much more efficient.