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Digital and/or hard copy

Filling in questionnaires, always and everywhere

For most people, filling in an online questionnaire is a breeze. However, some people do not have a laptop or PC with an internet connection. In such cases, designing an employee survey is difficult. However, Jobber will ensure that you have your results, either digitally or as a hard copy. An employee satisfaction survey or an employee engagement survey can be distributed digitally, as well as via a mobile phone, 24/7. Jobber also guarantees that everybody will get the chance to fill in the questionnaire, as it can also be completed as a hard copy for those who do not have an internet connection. This solution is adjustable for each employee.

A high employee response

Whether digitally or as a hard copy, Jobber guarantees the best results. A high response rate is realised by the use of original invitations and reminders. Employees are not only approached via e-mail, but can also be reminded about the online questionnaire tool via a phone message or by post. After all, a greater range of responses means better results.

Furthermore, the questionnaire is designed in such a way that every question can be answered with one simple click. Selecting the answer and then clicking again to go to the next question is no longer necessary. The next question is automatically loaded, which ensures that your employees can complete the survey quickly. A sample questionnaire can be found here.

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