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Continuous & periodical measuring

Spotting changes quickly with tailor-made measurements

With the use of Jobber, you can measure your levels of employee satisfaction and employee engagement, either on a continuous basis or periodically. The continuous measuring is done by evaluating 2 to 25 percent of the employees in your organisation. When you work with periodical measurements, you can measure your employees once a year, but it is also possible to measure a specific part of your employees on a more frequent basis. In this way, you can see directly what influences a change in your organisation has on the levels of employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

Why measure more frequent?

It is smart to conduct your measurements with Jobber several times a year. In this way, you will achieve the best results. You can choose to perform continuous measurements, but conducting an employee survey periodically is also possible. Measuring once a year is history. Why? Most organisations are subject to constant changes and always have to deal with new projects, special projects or changes in personnel. These changes can result in a change in the level of satisfaction and engagement of the employees.

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