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Analysing groups

Easy comparisons within groups

Numbers are only revealing when they are put into perspective. With Jobber, you can extensively compare the indicators of different groups. Are you interested in using several different measurements? These will be displayed in an orderly manner, to quickly display trends.


Employees can be part of several different groups, enabling you, for example, to evaluate project teams. The differences between the departments within an organisation can be considered as one of the most important results to be measured with the use of a survey. You can easily examine different departments in order to compare their KPIs with the use of Jobber. In this way, conducting an analysis can be completely customised to suit your needs.


Jobber always divides groups into a hierarchical order, enabling you to quickly see what is happening within your organisation. You can even zoom in to see information about the smallest departments. In this way your organisation is, so to speak, replicated down to the last detail.

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