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A choice of 3 questionnaires

Different questionnaires to create an overall picture of your organisation

Conducting an employee survey can be done with the use of established questionnaires, which are offered by Malvee. Three different questionnaires can be delivered to Jobber, all of which can be completely customised. We advise choosing a questionnaire that can be repeatedly used for a longer period of time. By making use of the same questionnaire, you can perform successive measurements. Furthermore, the results from different periods of time can be compared. Jobber offers you three different surveys: the Job Content Questionnaire, the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale and the General Job Satisfaction Survey.

The Job Content Questionnaire and the General Job Satisfaction Survey are both research questionnaires which measure employee satisfaction. These survey questions will give you an insight into the level of satisfaction of the employees within your organisation. The Utrecht Work Engagement Scale focuses on measuring the engagement level of employees, and will identify the extent to which your employees are willing to take an extra step for your organisation. The KPIs map the answers and provide you with better insights.

Utrecht Work Engagement Scale
The Utrecht Work Engagement Scale is used in order to measure employee engagement. The results are measured with the use of 4 indicators, which will enable you to easily compare group results. The questions in the survey focus on measuring the levels of the employee’s concentration, inspiration and energy.

General Job Satisfaction survey
How satisfied is a person with his job? One employee satisfaction survey from Jobber is called the General Job Satisfaction Survey. This questionnaire consists of, for example, questions that focus on satisfactory collaborations, transparency within the organisation and how approachable the management is. In combination, these questions result in a complete survey for measuring levels of employee satisfaction.

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