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Employee satisfaction

How is it nowadays with the dedication of your employees towards your organization or company? As the owner of your own company your dream has come true but keeping it running properly has definitely not easy. A clear lack in effort, enthusiasm and diligence in the performance of your employees compared to the start of the company proves it. Employees are often ill and teamwork is very poor. In short, your employees are unsatisfied. How did this happen and where did things go wrong? How will you sort it out in the quickest and the most efficient possible way? Lots of companies facing similar problems and are presently executing research for the employee satisfaction. Other companies without the issues, carry it out for the purpose of prevention. A very important link in carrying out such a research is Jobber, who is an expert in designing ergonomic webapplications in particular for researching employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction survey quick and efficient through Jobber!

With the web application of Jobber, you will have your employee satisfaction survey done in an instant. Why Jobber? Apart from being very user friendly Jobber is:

  • Flexibel;
  • For every kind of survey;
  • Modern;
  • Transparent;
  • Safe;

Jobber is in general applicable to any company or organization. De flexibility of Jobber firstly has to do with the possibility of working with specific questionnaires. Malvee delivers Jobber with three standard questionnaires which you are not compelled to use. With regards to relevance you are free to use another. Secondly, with Jobber the research can be done by hardcopy. Not every one of us is handy with computers and internet. Furthermore, Jobber is an up-to-date software and very safe. Problems with passwords being lost or forgotten belongs to the past. Logging in takes place using an email address, phone number or employee number, exceedingly safe. Jobber also offers an option for initiating discussions regarding the employee satisfaction survey. Every single person taking part in the research is able to report his or her findings anonymously. This way employees also have the opportunity to be heard regarding solutions without being forced to be politically correct. Jobber for an open and fair result.