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How satisfied are your employees?

Employee satisfaction means the degree to which employees are satisfied with their job and the working environment within an organisation. Satisfied employees are indispensable components in an organisation which is striving to become and remain successful. Employee satisfaction should therefore be a priority for all employers. Unfortunately, this is not the case in practice, especially when a company is experiencing financial hardships. You can measure the satisfaction of your employees quickly and efficiently with an employee satisfaction survey. Employees can complete this as a hard copy, or as an online questionnaire with the use of the questionnaire software.

Conducting satisfaction measurements

An employee satisfaction survey, or MTO, can be conducted by using five different KPIs. These dimensions usually engage five different points: safety, advantages, compensation, the possibility to use competencies and the possibility to pursue ambitions. In this way, the effective employee satisfaction and cognitive satisfaction can be distinguished. Effective employee satisfaction is displayed by the extent to which an employee is satisfied with his job and to which degree he is content with different aspects of the job, such as the salary, working hours and maternity leave. Cognitive employee satisfaction is displayed by the extent to which a certain aspect of the job is considered as important.
Employee satisfaction is often confused with employee engagement. However, both concepts measure some significantly different elements. Also, satisfaction is a result, while an engaged person is positive, enthusiastic and energetic – or essentially a true driving force. Although there are several differences between engagement and satisfaction, they are nonetheless related to each other.

The measurement process

The degree of satisfaction of the employees is strongly connected with their productivity and turnover rate within the organisation. By paying attention to the employees’ psychological wellbeing, socio-emotional needs and feelings of satisfaction, a higher level of productivity will be achieved and the employees will remain employed for longer. An employee survey or a satisfaction survey can be designed to be fairly general, as well as being very specific. In this way, the job in general can be examined, but also other aspects of the job that are considered of importance. Both of these aspects can be measured by Malvee with the use of Jobber.
In order to measure the satisfaction of the employees to the optimal possible extent, it is advisable to conduct this survey at different times. Jobber provides the possibility to continuously measure satisfaction levels or to measure this at certain times (for example, twice a year or once a month). After all, the satisfaction levels can change over time, as well as the performance of the company. Would you like to know more? Contact us and ask about the available possibilities for an employee satisfaction survey.

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