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Employee satisfaction survey professionally carried out

Jobber for employee satisfaction survey

Presently more and more companies in Holland are looking to carry out the employee satisfaction survey. This survey is virtually indispensable for any organization or company and that is because of the main goal of the survey which is to better the business on all levels. Business is a continuous process as an organization or company undergoes all sorts of development. Are you as company owner not aware of recent techniques to carry out employee satisfaction survey? Is your company up for an employee satisfaction survey? Malvee is the expert in Holland for developing simple yet effective web applications to execute employee satisfaction surveys. There are various possibilities for the execution and the system can be completely adjusted to suit your organization. Employee satisfaction survey are guaranteed and performed successfully. It is performed using a very special software named, Jobber. The conventional way with pen and paper is still one of the possibilities for the employee satisfaction survey. Malvee for good research and results.

With Jobber employee satisfaction survey

Jobber is used to perform the employee satisfaction survey. Jobber is designed to:

  • Measure employee satisfaction;
  • Measure employee engagement;
  • Measure within regular intervals;
  • Measure continuously;
  • Give insight in satisfaction and engagement levels at all times.

Contrary to common company software, Jobber is very user friendly. The design makes it possible to have your results very well ordered and quickly accessible. Malvee offers some extra service by delivering Jobber with a filled in interface, an employee satisfaction survey example. The employees which will be measured are imported in Jobber so as to obtain the correct organizational structure. Regarding the employee satisfaction survey, employee satisfaction and engagement are of importance. There are two ways for measuring these important employee parameters: continuously or based on a known frequency. When measuring continuously surveys are done for 2 to 25 percent of all employees. This provides continuous insight in the satisfaction and engagement of your people. If you choose to measure with a certain frequency, then multiple measurements are undertaken throughout the year. Once a year employees are questioned regarding their satisfaction and engagement. Furthermore, more measurements are carried out but only with a representative number of employees. Be up to date with Jobber from Malvee!

Three options for an employee satisfaction survey questionnaire

Jobber is offered with three different standard questionnaires. These include Job Content Questionnaire, Utrecht Work Engagement Scale and General Job Satisfaction survey. Each employee satisfaction survey questionnaire is standard and not developed by Malvee. Malvee is not a consultant busy with developing questionnaires. Especially for this there are partners specialized in doing this. Together with the customer a suitable questionnaire is created. The first two questionnaires mentioned earlier are composed to measure the level of satisfaction employees start off their work with. The General Job Satisfaction survey is a questionnaire which focusses on the engagement of employees in other words it tells to which extent employees are willing to do more. Filling in these questionnaires is very easy surely while Malvee adds an example employee satisfaction survey to the delivery. With this example you are able to measure specific employees who you regarding the survey and also the organizational structure is placed properly.

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