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Stichting Vlietkinderen

Vlietkinderen Day Care in Voorburg, Leidschendam and The Hague Leidschenveen are much more than just mere day cares. Together with our employees, social partners, children and their parents we are writing our own story, in which exploring, developing, playing, growing, learning and experiencing all play an important part. In our day care we make an important contribution to the development and the enrichment of the children. We significantly contribute to the development of children in emotional, motor, creative and cognitive areas.

Whereas children should always have a nice day care environment, it is also important for the employees to be satisfied when working at our location. This satisfaction can be measured and documented by using the proper measurement techniques. For several years now, Vlietkinderen has been working with Jobber to map the satisfaction and engagement of our employees.

“Although Jobber is very easy to use and explains itself, Malvee is always there to help.”
Claudia Jansen

Time for something else: in comes Malvee

“We have been working with Malvee for two years now and it suits us very well.” Vlietkinderen had already been measuring their employee satisfaction levels for several years, but it was time to look for a significantly different approach. “Job satisfaction played an important role when we were deciding on a new measurement technique. We were really looking for something different from the ordinary questionnaires which we usually applied.” Their search commenced on the internet, and resulted in three candidates of which Malvee was one. “After viewing the presentation of the Jobber product, we decided to go with Malvee. The application provides convenient and easy features, which make it possible to conduct measurements really well.”  Vlietkinderen has locations in several places throughout the Netherlands. All of the organisation’s employees, with the exception of flexible workers, are examined with the employee survey and can answer questions to measure their levels of satisfaction and engagement. Jobber is currently used randomly, and from 2016 it will be applied twice a year. In this way, the results can be measured for the entire year and can be reviewed on a quarterly basis. “We use a custom designed questionnaire, which we made together with the help of Malvee. This allows us to measure a variety of indicators through which we can document the extent of satisfaction, as well as the engagement of our employees.” The end of the questionnaire is defined by an open question.

“The many features of Jobber provide a complete picture”

“It is incredibly convenient for us to be able to compare our various locations. By making groups in advance, and by placing the various locations in the dashboard, you can easily compare the results. We immediately see the score and which indicators have influenced it. This can also be done in detail, allowing us to even see which percentage of the employees is responsible for the score.
The dashboard is entirely adjusted to our organisation and the employees all have a personalised dashboard. This is the same for every employee. Jobber is also completely personalised for the iPad. However, the employees, with the exception of the supervisors, can only look at their own information. This prevents their answers being seen by other people. The dashboard is very easy to use and displays the results comprehensively, while our own texts can be implemented and difficult terms can be prevented.

“Our employees do not have any difficulties with answering the questionnaire. Generally, the employees are finished with the survey within 15 minutes because of the fact that both the satisfaction and engagement indicators are implemented in one questionnaire. Therefore, we always have sufficient results to work with, and to obtain a meaningful grade. Each month, we present the complete results to our management team.”

Malvee contributes

“Although Jobber is very easy to use and basically explains itself, Malvee is always there to help. We have had great contact experiences ever since our first conversation with them, and they have definitively saved us a lot of work. For example, Malvee has implemented all of our locations on the dashboard. Every week, Vlietkinderen sends them a new Excel file with the information on the employees and Malvee imports all employees from the file onto the dashboard, after which everybody receives a request to fill in the questionnaire. Since every employee conducts the survey online, the results are automatically uploaded into the application and it’s easy to review the scores. We can always contact Malvee by phone or via e-mail and ask for advice in cases when changes or new features are implemented. “We are very pleased with Jobber and with Malvee!”