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Postillion Hotels Nederland

Postillion Hotels Nederland, with 7 different locations across the Netherlands, provides suitable meeting locations for various events, such as meetings, training sessions and congresses, as well as flexible workplaces. The Postillion Hotels Nederland has the right solution for every demand. Service is assured by its internal “An 8.1 for everyone” programme, for clients as well as for employees.
The Jobber application is the key in this process.

“The versatility of Jobber gives us the opportunity to give our own spin to our employee survey.”
Suzanne van Veldhuijsen


“We have worked with Jobber for three years now, and we use the employee satisfaction survey to measure the satisfaction of our employees. We do this once a year, usually in April or May.” Jobber is used at every location of the Postillion Hotels Nederland, throughout the entire organisation. Our employees find the questionnaire easy to fill in. The results then serve as the basis of our hotel services. By using Jobber over several years, the results can be adequately compared, and if there are details that should be adjusted, this can be handled directly.


“The versatility of Jobber gives us the opportunity to give our own spin to our employee surveys.” Typically, the standard questionnaire is complemented with open questions which we create with the help of Malvee. “In this way, the satisfaction of our employees can be mapped in an even better way. Whenever a problem occurs or we have a question to ask, Malvee is always happy to provide us with feedback or to offer a helping hand.”