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Iquality Business Solutions B.V.

Iquality Business Solutions B.V. has been a client from the beginning of our operations. The core business of the company is developing internet and software solutions for businesses, where corporate social responsibility is of great importance. “To measure is to know” is an important motto, especially when it concerns the satisfaction of employees. Currently, Iquality Business Solutions B.V. successfully uses the Jobber application several times each year.

“Jobber offers a wide variety of functions we have not yet encountered with other satisfaction measurement tools.”
Marlon van Wijlick

Looking for something new: a client from the start

“Malvee was there at the exact moment we needed a tool to measure the satisfaction of our employees.” From that point on, the process has become quick and very easy. Corporate social responsibility has played a key role in the organisation since 2012, and is composed of the three Ps: people, planet and profit. People are the driving force of the company, as well as being our clients. We therefore had a significant need for a new measurement tool to measure our employee satisfaction levels. “Malvee came into the picture after I saw a message on Twitter about measuring employee satisfaction. Malvee replied directly to my enquiry and offered us a convenient and user-friendly application.” This process became very fast from that point on, and Jobber is now used by the entire organisation.

“Incredibly easy to use with numerous features for clear results”

Iquality Business Solutions B.V. is composed of 35 employees who are all regularly examined with the employee satisfaction survey. The measurements are conducted twice a year, in order to detect significant differences and to compare results. “One of the main advantages of Jobber is that the employees can be clustered into groups or departments on the dashboard in advance. The results become visible when 5 or more employees have conducted the survey. in this way, breaks in a trend are quickly detected and the results directly display in which department(s) employees have scored higher or lower for specific indicators in the questionnaire.”

“Jobber offers a wide variety of functions we have not yet encountered with other satisfaction measurement tools.” Employees from different backgrounds and ethnicities work in our organisation. It is therefore very convenient that the questionnaire is also available in English. We use 80 questions, of which the last one is an open question that can be answered as the employee wishes. The country-specific version is truly ideal for our company.”

This also goes for the dashboard, which is very easy to use. “Our questionnaire consists of nine different parts, which are displayed separately on the dashboard. Every aspect can be reviewed easily and it will tell you how the employees have reacted. Also, their results are visible. In this manner, deviations between the departments are immediately displayed. There is usually a good reason for these differences. For example, a specific circumstance can have an effect on the level of satisfaction of an employee. The dashboard not only displays the general differences, but also provides us with the opportunity to further examine specific indicators in the questionnaire. The answers can be checked in detail. For example, it is possible to check each element and examine which percentage of the employees gave a low score for a particular question (which naturally affects the rating negatively). In this way, you will directly know if a significant part of the employees gave a positive answer, and which part of the general score depended on just a few dissatisfied employees.”

“We do not yet use Jobber Discuss, which is a feature where employees can put forward their own improvement suggestions, but this is mainly because of the fact that our employees experience a substantial level of overall satisfaction. Also, our employees can use the open question to express their possible remarks.”

Dedicated young men with an enthusiastic vision

“An open relationship with Malvee is a characteristic of the company. They are very nice and enthusiastic young men who are always ready to help. Since the beginning of our cooperation, they have helped us and are ready to explain everything. Jobber has been adjusted and improved over the course of time, and they have explained every modification clearly. We have real-time contact when needed, but they are also always available for advice via e-mail or telephone. “We tend to forget to conduct an employee satisfaction survey at the end of the year, because of the pressures of all the activities at that time. However, Malvee is very involved and even sends us a reminder.”

“Now that the satisfaction of our employees can be perfectly documented, we can focus on measuring our customer satisfaction. After all, satisfaction plays an important role inside, as well as outside of the organisation.