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Client stories

Postillion Hotels Nederland

Postillion Hotels Nederland, with 7 different locations across the Netherlands, provides suitable meeting locations for various events, such as meetings, training sessions and congresses, as well as flexible workplaces. The Postillion Hotels Nederland has the right solution for every demand. Service is assured by its internal “An 8.1 for everyone” programme, for clients as well as for employees.
The Jobber application is the key in this process.

Iquality Business Solutions B.V.

Iquality Business Solutions B.V. has been a client from the beginning of our operations. The core business of the company is developing internet and software solutions for businesses, where corporate social responsibility is of great importance. “To measure is to know” is an important motto, especially when it concerns the satisfaction of employees. Currently, Iquality Business Solutions B.V. successfully uses the Jobber application several times each year.

Stichting Vlietkinderen

Vlietkinderen Day Care in Voorburg, Leidschendam and The Hague Leidschenveen are much more than just mere day cares. Together with our employees, social partners, children and their parents we are writing our own story, in which exploring, developing, playing, growing, learning and experiencing all play an important part. In our day care we make an important contribution to the development and the enrichment of the children. We significantly contribute to the development of children in emotional, motor, creative and cognitive areas.

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