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Measuring and improving

Gain insights into continuous customer satisfaction


“To measure is to know” is a key principle for Gentle. Gentle directly processes the results of the questionnaire, and displays the results over time on a convenient and user-friendly dashboard. By regularly gathering and reviewing results, an organisation can conclude whether their levels of customer satisfaction are increasing. Gentle tackles problems directly and provides an improvement cycle, where measuring and improving is the key. Each indicator can also be checked, to ensure it is properly handled. How can your customer satisfaction be improved? Work in a structured fashion with the tools that Gentle provides

No double invitations

Make sure that your customers are not bombarded with survey invitations. Gentle has a threshold on the number of invitations sent per contact, in order to prevent a customer from having to conduct too many surveys. We do not send double invitations, but monitor the customer satisfaction at the right moment. We also offer the possibility to send an invitation after sending an order confirmation or invoice, or after receiving notes from a telephone conversation with your customer(s).

Comparing customer groups over time

With Gentle, it is possible to compare various customer groups, and clients from different account managers. In order to display such results, several periods of time are included. In this way, it is possible to divide the customers in such a way that they can be easily compared with another customer group: by relation manger, by location or by branch.

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