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Automatic & quick

An automatic process with a convenient trigger

Gentle works automatically and quickly in order to efficiently ask clients for feedback. Gentle can also be triggered in the BCC during an e-mail conversation with a customer, and the system will automatically start the process. An invitation is added to the application’s well-structured agenda, which is then sent to the customer. The planning is completely managed by Gentle. Do you feel that the invitation process is planned too precisely? This is completely customisable, and you can keep control over all aspects of sending the questionnaires.

Gentle makes customised connections with other applications within the organisation possible. Furthermore, Excel sheets can be provided to simplify the process.

Recognition with its own house-style

An extra trigger for clients is offered by Gentle with its own house-style. Although you can send a standard questionnaire, clients are usually more willing to complete a survey when they see that it is from your organisation. Therefore, every questionnaire can be personalised with a house-style that fits your organisation’s image. You could, for example, include a logo above the email, a special text or a certain colour scheme for the questionnaire.

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