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Gentle for customer satisfaction surveys

We received the question multiple times whether we could measure customer satisfaction as well. The way we measure employee satisfaction with Jobber seems to impress visitors, users and customers and people question whether they could measure customer satisfaction in a way as easy as Jobber does. For that reason we introduce Gentle: the easiest way to measure customer satisfaction.

We are building Gentle as an instrument that focuses on measure customer satisfaction for ‘business-to-business’ oriented companies. Within that area, we focus on those companies that deliver their goods or deliver their services ‘transaction based’ (think about selling products or one-time consulting jobs).

Gentle is being build at the moment. In the end it should be possible to send an invitation for participation to a customer after delivering a product or a service. Adding Gentle to the BCC-line of an e-mail (the e-mail a company is sending with the invoice for example) should be enough to prepare that invitation. Results are being analyzed and presented in a dashboard by indicators. In this way, we can use the same software we use for Jobber to measure employee satisfaction.

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