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Discussion platform Jobber discuss

We wrote earlier about the difference between gathering quantitative data and qualitative data when measuring or improving employee engagement or employee satisfaction and which of these combinations fit best. In short: when improving employee satisfaction or employee engagement qualitative information usually suits better while quantitative data normally fits better when measuring.

Jobber recently started offering the option to conduct a discussion with your employees with the goal to improve the organisation, the working environment and other, to employee engagement or employee satisfaction, related subjects. ‘Jobber discuss’ is the name of our discussion platform. Discuss offers several functionalities that are designed to meet these needs: having a discussion in which the participants participate anonymous, the creation of and the voting on points for improvement and categorizing these points for improvement.

A discussion can, in our opinion, only be conducted anonymous if participants are known in the discussion itself in some way. Participants get an incremental number within the discussion to make sure that discussion can take place without the need to introduce yourself each time. Employees carry out points for improvement which are directly visible for their peers. By voting on points for improvement, subjects that are important to the company or department get visible by itself. When creating those points for improvement, groups are being displayed in which the employee exists (company, business unit or department). This makes sure that points that are only relevant to a specific department are not visible for all employees in the company.

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