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Developing and maintaining creativity

Creativity is not only important for a person’s self-development, but it also effects the development of organisations. Due to intense competition in business, emphasis is now mainly on innovation and creativity. It is important to develop creativity further and to maintain it.

What is creativity?

Creativity is needed in an organisation to be able to distinguish yourself from other companies and people in combination with innovation. A company with creativity as their core value is capable of identifying new opportunities and finding solutions. It is a way of perceiving, thinking, or doing in an innovative manner. It may be an original solution to a problem, but it can also be an inventive way of thinking or an effective approach. The latter is needed to actually convert an idea into a concrete plan.

Developing creativity in the workplace

Every organisation needs creative workers. These are namely people who often come up with new ideas and can make critical remarks on existing processes. They are always in search of innovation and are able to think out of the box. Imaginative people also fulfil an important role in developing creativity in the workplace. Out of the box thinking within the company ensures good group dynamics, especially if your employees feel at ease with their colleagues, but also if they think that they are valued together as one. Brainstorming also allows the creative juices to flow. Therefore, many more new innovative ideas can be created.

Creative thinking means learning

Creativity development is used in order to achieve a good idea, or to come to the solution of a problem. Are you not so creative yourself? It can be learnt! Here are two valuable tips to develop your creativity.

1.Always improve yourself

You and your creativity initially go here. Creative people are thinkers and good project managers. They have developed core values ​​in which they excel. To excel at something, experience and knowledge is required. This means that you’re never finished learning. The same applies to your business. A company grows through innovation and skilled personnel. One way to find out if your employees are satisfied with the company and its executives is by means of a staff satisfaction survey.

2.Avoid conflicts
The only thing that is harmful to creativity is a conflict. For a creative existence it is important to avoid or resolve disputes and annoyances. This ensures that there are no barriers, which could impede the creative process.