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Continuous feedback to measure and increase employee satisfaction

It is a proven fact that giving continuous feedback to employees will increase their motivation and their engagement with their work. The work motivation and engagement of the employees is of crucial importance for a company, because every company functions significantly better when the management gives 100% and are committed to achieving their goals.

The engagement of employees can be measured by their level of employee satisfaction, which can be measured, for example, by conducting an employee satisfaction survey. However, these results only represent one moment in time. If an employee has just received a positive performance review or has just been promoted, their level of engagement will be much better. In consequence, when you measure the degree of employee satisfaction after such an occasion, the test will most likely yield better results than when you measure the satisfaction during a busy period, when the employees have to do much more work over a short period of time.

Nevertheless, the level of employee satisfaction should be good throughout the entire year, since the goal is that your employees will then give 100% to your company all year round, resulting in your company reaching its goals in the most effective manner. How can you give your employees continuous motivation to work? By offering them the opportunity to give continuous feedback.

What giving continuous feedback does for an employee

When you continuously ask your employees for their feedback (for example, by using a feedback questionnaire) this employee will always be aware that the company is taking his or her feedback seriously, and knows that his or her opinion matters. You, as the employer, also remain well informed about what is going on within your company through receiving continuous feedback, which can give you decent insights into any issues that arise. As a result, you can respond to any needs better and faster, and this again increases the level of satisfaction of your employees.

What getting continuous feedback does for an employer

Receiving continuous feedback, with the use of a feedback questionnaire, is beneficial for the employer. Additionally, research has shown that the employees feel more appreciated and respected, have a better resistance against stress, and feel more confident in their workplace when they can give continuous feedback.

In short: measuring your employees’ satisfaction with continuous feedback questionnaires can help employees, as well as employers, to feel better about their company and more engaged with each other.

A good atmosphere

You can evaluate the needs within your organization in a very quick and efficient way by measuring the level of employee satisfaction. The atmosphere within an organization can change in next to no time. Therefore, it is very important to continuously ask for feedback from employees in a quick and easy manner, which will allow you to quickly respond to the needs of your employees. What’s the result? You will have motivated employees all year round, who are very productive and loyal to your company, but most of all – your entire organization will have a good atmosphere.