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Communication within self steering teams

The concept behind self steering teams is more often, especially within healthcare, found nowadays as a way to design the organization of the company. Self steering teams are teams that determine by themselves how (the equipment they use, how their planning looks like and how their team is being fulfilled) the goal is being fulfilled. Teams are composed with between 4 and 20 employees and have one general goal.

One of the conditions of having self steering teams is having an organization that has a facilitating nature by taking care of delivering the necessary facilities and tools. Besides that, the horizontal communication within self steering teams should be self steering too. We try to give substance to both the communication within the team as well as between the team and the organization with Jobber discuss.

Communication within these teams can be designed by using points for improvement and the discussion that normally follows on these points. The same holds for the communication from the self steering team to the organization: by creating concrete points for improvement and a direction for solving issues, the organization is helped to give substance to the implementation of the improvement.

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