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Quantitative research: using better results

An employee satisfaction survey provides results, whereby insights are formed that influence the company and its employees. The survey not only measures the employee satisfaction, but it can also initiate a process of improvement within the company. However, it is... read more

Developing and maintaining creativity

Creativity is not only important for a person’s self-development, but it also effects the development of organisations. Due to intense competition in business, emphasis is now mainly on innovation and creativity. It is important to develop creativity further and to... read more

Effective HR management with lean implementation

Lean implementation is a method by which, amongst other things, the values that are important for your customers and clients can be determined, as well as how your business processes can run as smoothly as possible. With the use of lean implementation, ‘bottlenecks’... read more

Conducting an employee satisfaction survey

Determining the goal of the survey; Selecting the questionnaire applicable to the goal of the survey; Determining the population and sample of the survey; Setting the timing of the survey; Determining the medium of the survey; Gathering contact information of the... read more

Changing role of employee engagement in healthcare

A short note before reading: this post might be more applicable to the Dutch healthcare market then healthcare in general because of its characteristics. Healthcare used to be a market in which the customer (client) had little to no influence: hospitals tend to be... read more

Why follow-up is important

A good job satisfaction survey stands or falls with the follow-up on the survey. Measuring job satisfaction within the company is a first good step in the direction of improving the employee satisfaction within the company, if, however, no follow-up is taken on a... read more

Gentle for customer satisfaction surveys

We received the question multiple times whether we could measure customer satisfaction as well. The way we measure employee satisfaction with Jobber seems to impress visitors, users and customers and people question whether they could measure customer satisfaction in... read more

Legislation around data-storage in the cloud

Until recently, we always loved to use the services of Amazon Web Services (AWS) when talking about computation and data-storage. Earlier this week, however, we decided to switch from AWS to the, the Netherlands-based, provider TransIP because of two reasons:... read more

Distribution: better basis for drawing conclusions

Within Jobber, results of the research are being displayed in the form of indicators; displayed at a realtime dashboard. The advantage of such is that the current state of engagement or satisfaction can be seen at the blink of an eye. The downside of displaying... read more

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