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About Malvee

Malvee was founded by Bas van Steen and Emile Bons in 2011. We decided to establish Malvee because of the increasing demand for efficient and user-friendly web applications that would answer the questions: How satisfied are your employees? How engaged are they? And what about the level of customer satisfaction within your organisation? With a clear and well-structured dashboard, the choice of several different questionnaires and an online service, Malvee offers you the perfect tools to perform quick measurements in these important areas. We are enthusiastic about offering user-friendly online applications for companies, whether they are small or big, to assist them in measuring employee satisfaction, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. We also eliminate the necessity for training by focusing on user-friendly applications with which you can also design and customise your own dashboard. Quality and service are our keywords. We offer a 24/7 service and a dedicated, personal contact person who will make using the Malvee web applications even easier.

What we do

We passionately believe in the strength of companies to independently use their own web applications. Malvee designs and builds beautiful apps which will help your company to conduct the tasks which are not part of your company’s core business activities. Jobber and Gentle are our core business systems, and these offer plenty of possibilities to continuously or periodically conduct measurements within your organisation. With an extensive choice of different questionnaires, a clear real-time dashboard and the possibility to quickly see the results, measuring the levels of employee satisfaction, employee engagement and customer satisfaction is something you can easily learn to do yourself. However, we are always there for you, whenever you have questions or need advice. In these cases, having your own personal and dedicated contact person is exactly what you need.

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