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Jobber API

The API (Application Programmable Interface) can be used to embed Jobber in any application. This interface services the linking of our data to your application. Most actual embedded methods supply the interfacing of the most dominant models of our application: company, employee, user and group. These models create the main part of our application and supply in numbers of functions that can be used to rely on our infrastructure.

Other models that will be added in this API in the near future include questionnaire, questionnaireGroup, question and answerOption. The ability of including your own questionnaires has been built into the model and into the database of our application. However, the interface currently does not support adding your own questionnaires and the assigning of these questionnaires to groups, therefore these functionalities are also not included in the API.

Feel free to post any comment or question to our company, as well as any of your recommendations. We are working on adding features and functions on a daily base.

The api endpoint is We're currenty only supporting JSON output.