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Measure and improve employee satisfaction

Measuring and improving employee engagement or employee satisfaction has never been so easy.

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Measure employee engagement

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Collect points for improvement

Jobber survey

Select a questionnaire

Choose between 3 proven questionnaires

Import employees

Manually or out of a comma separated values file or Excel file

Review the results

Online in a real time dashboard

Why Jobber?

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Results per group

View the results per group. That will give you the employee engagement per location or department at a glance.

Invite employees in the company in intervals

Jobber can split the company in parts and spread the invitations over time. That'll give a continuous insight in the employee engagement of the company.

Give employees a voice

Employees are not only able to provide points for improvement but also have a discussion about how to improve the point with Jobber discuss.

These companies created an account

These companies created an account
Personal assistant

After creating an account, you will get a personal assistant assigned.

Assistance is provided for:

  • Import of employees
  • Selection of a questionnaire
  • Updating settings

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"We received a response of 88 per cent. We're absolutely satisfied with that."

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We offer 3 questionnaires, there should always be one that fits the company.

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